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The song cycle ‘In the Garden’ includes five short unison songs with music and lyrics by Heather Percy. Each song is about an insect or bug that is found in the typical backyard garden: caterpillar; ladybird; snail (Escargot); butterfly and dragonfly. ‘Butterfly’ was revised in 2020 and includes an optional second part. Due to their brevity these songs are reasonably easy to commit to memory and are intended to be performed as a complete cycle, with each song connected by key. The melodies offer some musical challenges and the role of the piano accompaniment doubles as harmonic support as well as word painting the text.

In the Garden Suite (inc Escargot)

  • Minimum of $35 for a licence to make 10 copies. $75 for 25 copies. $125 for 50 copies. $150 for 75 copies.

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