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Words and music by Heather Percy, this carol features a lyrical melody over the well known I – vi – IV – V chord progression with some extra added harmonic and rhythmic twists to keep everyone on their toes. Composed for two-part treble choir with piano accompaniment, it begins in unison and builds to a climax in the last verse with the addition of a descant and a stride style bass part in the piano accompaniment. There is a broad pitch range in the melody. This is a majestic and impressive carol, well suited to a formal carol service or concert. ‘Behold the Star’ is published by Mark O’Leary Publishing, Melbourne.

Behold the Star (Published by Mark O'Leary)

  • $3.50 per copy with a minimum of 5. Organisations with an AMCOS licence may make 5 copies of each original copy purchased.
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